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Explore Kos island and more with S Tours

The island of Kos is another popular destination with plenty to offer; just like Rhodes, Kos has a rich history dating back to antiquity, and a plethora of intriguing sightseeing treasures that showcase Kos’ path through the centuries, from the age of Hippocrates who introduced the origins of modern medicine on this island to the Roman Empire, the Crusades and so much more. At the same time Kos Island offers a magnificent coastline, filled with mile after mile of gorgeous sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes and quaint, traditional villages that time and modernity have left untouched. 

S tours will guide you through all of Kos’ beauty; from its most important historic attractions such as the Asklipion, Casa Romana, the Roman Odeon, the Neratzia fortress and more (all included in the Half Day Kos City tour) to the islandic charm of its seaside and mainland villages visited in the Full Day Kos Island Tour, you will leave no stone of Kos unturned with the professional guidance of S Tours.

Kos can be the starting point of your days out to other neighboring destinations. The unique opportunity to stand on the crater of an active volcano is just a short cruise away, and you can easily enjoy it with the Full Day Excursion to Nisyros Island, whereas three more islands are within easy reach with the Full Day 3-Island Cruise to Kalymnos, Plati and Pserimos. The Turkish coastal resort of Bodrum is another great experience that you should not miss, and the Full Day to Bodrum Tour by S Tours is the simplest, most convenient way to do so!

There you have it! All you need to upgrade your Kos holiday experience to the maximum is offered to you in comfort and style by S Tours, your guide to the best parts of Kos!